LBANK Brukeranmeldelser 2019

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    Not allowing withdraw
    Insist on 2FA and it always says WRONG CODE. No way to withdraw like honest echanges do by having no 2FA option on small amounts.
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    Site is gone. Cannot connect to server.
    Appears to have abandoned its users. Probably took the money and ran.
  • 2
    LBank is Really Bad
    LBank is the worst exchange I have ever used. The trades are extremely slow to execute. Even worse, it takes hours just to send crypto to an outside wallet. Very disappointed, because LBank offers some crypto that others do not, like Grin. It just feels shady.
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    The fake volume is so obvious. In some currencies more than 99% trades are fake
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    LBank sucks
    LBank is blocking withdrawal of VTHO whenever you really need it! I lost 50% of my portrait in value because of LBank! Why did they suspend all deposits and withdrawals of VTHO without ANY notice?!?! Took days, weeks before I could withdraw! Lost all my value which I was about to withdraw that day, but no they keep selling tokes and keeps them on their exchange blocking every withdraw you try! STAY AWAY FROM LBANK!

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