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    Got involved in trade market when found that the inner myself is willing to make more money. As you know, everyone is willing to have an extra income on the side beside their primary job. Had some saving with me and wanted to make one thing: to make money work on me, so that's why I came to the FX and CFD. My brother makes money using arbitrage, I knew a few things about it, but wanted to do something different. Arbitrage makes you analyze data, search for different prices among the trading platforms, buy and sell, and the algorithm goes the same for the whole time, nothing changes. That Is why I wanted to do something different, something that will force your brain cells work with unknown and interesting. And another reason was doing different thing than my brother Jake does. Like you know, no one wants to be a copycat. That is why I was brought to visit CapitalXP, he found this brokerage to be nutty. Website is really good on education which is helping me a lot. My personal manager wants me to finish the educational part first and then get into trading, but at the same time he recommends to take a look at Bitcoin drop. All predictions are stating that Bitcoin is going to drop and it’s a perfect chance to make money. I got instructed that I can make money no matter what is going with the currency, rather it dropping down or going up again, it will bring to one main goal – making profit and that is the only thing I am interested in.

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